Three Books I Love

Here are three books which I really enjoyed reading and love. One common thread that all three books share is they are about building a quality inner life.

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Book #1 “Writing from the Inside Out: The Practice of Free Form Writing”

Last year I took a course in poetry from the Southern New Hampshire University which was run by Professor Stephen Lloyd Webber who I highly recommend. I discovered his book “Writing from the Inside Out: The Practice of Free Form Writing” which is not only a wonderful book for creative people to help them in connecting their creative processes with their spiritual existence, but really had some great tips like “The Writing Marathon.” I tried a writing marathon which was four hours long, and it resulted in the production of a 14 page screenplay. I highly recommend this book not just for writers, but anyone looking to get more in touch with their creative side.

book #1

Book #2 The Tao Of Health, Sex and Longevity

This is a great introduction to the Tao, and how to integrate it into our daily lives. I have used the exercises, practices, and dietary recommendations over the last 14 years to be happier, lose 40lbs, keep it off, and get more in touch with my inner life and dialog.

book #2

and finally book #3: Life Story of Milarepa
This book is about the story of Milarepa who lived in Tibet a long time ago, but is considered a saint in Tibetan Buddhism. While this book is mainly aimed at Buddhists, it’s also an amazing story of perseverance, courage and great spirit. It’s a short great read and highly recommended.

book #3

I’m always happy to share a dialog on any of these books, so feel free to leave a comment or contact me.



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