Get Back into Sync (Centering Yourself)

The Middle WayGet Back into Sync (Centering Yourself)

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If we all get out of sync sometimes, then how do we get back in sync? That’s a question I been asking myself for some time, and I believe there is no perfect answer, only tools we can use when stress and the feeling we are falling off the beam occur. One of the most important things in my personal experience has been first acknowledging that I am out of sync. I realize this may sound overly simplistic, but so many times as I am falling further and further out-of-sync I find myself struggling harder against the tide. So the first thing which I try to do is, release, acknowledge something isn’t working and allow this to be OK. From here I can release some tension, and many times I will feel it leave my body. This leads next to giving myself a “moment of personal peace,” and this to me simply means just raising the time-out flag where ever you are and even giving yourself 30 seconds of peace (off-line). Next I will use one of my tools: deep breathing, chanting a Mantra (everyone knows OM,) and then one of the most important things I have found is allowing myself to be humble, admit I may be looking at things in a closed minded way, thinking about if there was a different way to handle the situation, how would I do it.

The Intention behind the Moment Creates Value (or destroys it)

The intention of my mind and heart, is where everything bad or good starts. The mental energy is like a beam of radar which reaches out, and touches other people. When I give first emotionally, I always receive. It’s sort of like the energy between two people functions on a micro-level, the same way giving first and then receiving seems to work well always everywhere in the universe.

I have worked in the technology field for almost 30 years, and I can say that having good intention and giving value upfront to people (clients), before asking some something in return is a great tool. In all the Cybersecurity breaches we are seeing occur these days, a major factor in the fall-out, and public relations damage done is in the way the company handles the unfortunate incident. These days it’s not if, but when and how often you will be attacked successfully. Incident response becomes critical, and being honest, humble and truthful. I bring this up because this is a direct example of how applying these principles can have a positive impact, even in difficult scenarios.

Simplicity, Humbleness, Honesty, Value Creation, and Being Continuously Aware are very powerful.



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