Protect yourself from Keylogger Programs!

What are Keyloggers? We hear so much about the bad things which can happen to your computer when you get attacked, and your machine becomes compromised by hackers. Yet what are these mysterious little programs?the finger

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Keyloggers programs are software programs or hardware devices which record (log) user input on keyboard devices, and in most cases this will occur without the user’s knowledge or their consent. This is a popular way that Black-hat crackers steel user information from Bank accounts. Sometimes organizations will legally use key-logging programs and devices to monitor their employees.

Popular hacking tools such as Metasploit include keylogger and screenshot tools which allow the hacker or penetration tester to capture keyboard input once the victim computer is compromised. In fact many organizations perform what are called penetration tests which seek to test how susceptible their computer systems are to these kinds of attacks.

What are some ways to prevent your system from becoming infected, compromised and having key-loggers installed on your computers?

1. Use safe browsing programs like noscript for Firefox. Here’s a link to a video I created on how to use it: How Install and use NoScript for Firefox

2. Read Brian Krebs excellent blog on security issues, just keeping up with with his columns can help you become safer. If you own a linksys router you should read this article immediately:

3. Use different passwords for different web-sites which have combinations of complex characters, numbers and special characters. Here’s a video I created on that (Complex Passwords).

In a future article I will discuss using the lastpass program to create, and save complex passwords.

Finally below is some further recommended reading on keylogger programs. Don’t be a victim, some business have literally been put-out-of-business by keylogger programs.

Here is a Symantec “Introduction to Keyloggers”:

Here is a Kaspersky article on “What is a Keylogger?”

As always I’m happy to answer questions you may have.



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