Is Risk Always Bad?

IMG_1871Is Risk Always Bad?

There is the notion that if something is “Risky” this means it’s bad. I have found this is not always the case, and in fact sometimes a calculated risk can be a good thing.

I believe we all need to start looking on risk as something we can potentially use to our advantage, and to grow. Being an Information Technology professional with decades of experience, and the creators of one of the first “Electronic Bulletin Board Systems” in the early 90’s (it was called the Red Phone,) I of course understand the concept of assessing and protecting against harmful risks, but at the same time we have all have had the experience of trying something new, taking an uncomfortable risk, and experiencing something we totally were not expecting in a good way.

How can we use risk in a beneficial way? I think by asking ourselves a couple of simple questions:

  • Does the risk have the potential to cause us great harm?
  • What are the potential benefits of the risk in question?
  • What could we stand to gain by taking the potential “calculated risk”
  • What is the emotion we associate with the risk (i.e. fear, anger, anxiety,) and also where do we feel this emotion?

Sometimes I have found that it was a simple, and unjustified fear which kept me from trying something new, taking a risk, doing something which was uncomfortable yet, beneficial.

Don’t ever let fear stop you! Most of the times growth is uncomfortable, fearful, and risky.

So be fearless in trying new things, and seeking to use risk to your advantage.




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