Pivot Points

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When I think of a pivot point in life, I think of a concentrated moment during which everything changed, and new horizons opened up for me. One recent pivot point for me was meeting one of my mentors in an academic course in 2013. This chance meeting with Professor Vel Pavlov, of Excelsior University changed my life, and accelerated my journey into information security.

I believe in the growth-path of any great individual, company, or project there are always a few inflection points (opportunities) which come along (this is true of life as well I believe,) we don’t get allot of these in life, yet it’s training ourselves to know when these “moments” have arrived, and taking advantage of them that allows us to prosper and grow. This is a key take-away from years of academic, life, and business training.

We all need a bit (or more than a little) of LUCK! We have to be on the lookout for our points of rapid expansion and then pivot on these. I have worked hard, and sometimes I wonder at the same time, if destiny plays a part (karma?).

I need to be happy if nothing comes of my efforts, but continue to strive while I am alive to grow, and enjoy my journey.

Building strong emotional experiences/connections, and bonds is very important. I believe that people embed the strong experiences they have (both bad and good,) into their deepest areas of mind and body. In a sense we can program ourselves for the journey ahead.

I also wonder if pacing applies to life building, and developing the platforms in our lives where we try to do what we are driven to accomplish. So often, steady on-going efforts build an audience of life connections over time. With that said; luck, timing, and being in the right place at the right time matter too.

I always wonder why some people work so hard in life, and seem to get no one where; while others appear to work not as hard, get a lucky break and BOOM their famous, rich and get there. Maybe karma plays a part. Yet in the end it’s what’s inside us that we take with us when this dream of a life is over that matters. Everything worldly, has a shelf life…

My friend said it best: “write for the pure joy of creating, writing, and expression.” This way if you end up having a day job your whole life you’ll still be happy which in the end is a good goal! While my friend was referring to writing, this could apply to life in general as well. This thinking could apply to almost any area of human activity.

I learned I should never under estimate where a new connection, or development idea may come from.

The next step is only a thought away.

May we all experience happiness on our individual, and collective journeys in the world together.



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