Month: April 2014

Musical Interlude? (You Ain’t Done Yet)

Musical Interlude? (You Ain’t Done Yet)

Buddha Red

And now for something completely different…

I started writing some songs about 6 months ago, the inspiration came after my band went from a trio to my drummer Perry, and myself. I have about 5 original songs; I’ve playing guitar and singing for years.

So here is just the words to one of my new songs titled: “You Ain’t Done Yet.” The music will be available eventually, and currently it’s in the process of getting more polished.

You Ain’t Done Yet (c) by chris welber



I’m laughing my time away

Not thinking about what to say

I’m laughing my time away

Thinking about nothing at all

I’m Sit here ‘in in my chair

Got my feet kicked up in the air

I don’t have a care

I’m Sit ‘in and smiling at the world


Someone told me  I better get going before yesterday is gone

Someone told me  just keep on flowing I’ll figure out how to move on

Walking down..the road I see..Knowing that.. you’re coming to be


Verse Two:

Some people say

You gotta think their way Today

But I say to myself I’m

Sittin and Smiling at the world

When I think about what to do

I’m gonna be happy and be true To myself

When I smile at passers by

It gives me a natural high



Someone told me  I better get going  before yesterday is gone

Someone told me just keep on flowing I’ll figure out how to move on

Walking down..the road I see..Knowing’re coming to be


Keep sitting and smiling at the world!




The Modern Age of the Internet Requires Offline Time

The Modern Age of the Internet Requires Offline Time


I’ve been thinking recently about how stressful the modern Internet age is. In the old days things moved slower; having recently turned 49 I’m in the position of remembering the pre-internet days when I used to build my own computers, and ran one of the first Bulletin Board Systems in New York called the Red Phone BBS. I actually remember in high school the only computers were very primitive ones that I occasionally ran into in computer labs.

I myself work in the technology industry, and allot of stress comes from the fact that it operates essentially 24-7, and I need to make a conscious effort to disengage and allow myself downtime.

Three recommendations I have are:

  • Try not to sit or work in front of a computer for more than an hour and a half at time.
  • Give yourself “flash 5 minute meditation sessions”: these consist of finding someplace quiet, sitting, breathing deeply, shutting out everything external and viewing your internal landscape. When disruptive thoughts come up, just set them aside, they’ll still be there in a 5 minutes. At the times of maximum stress, when you feel you can’t do this is when you need to do it the most.
  • Give yourself some offline time in the beginning of your day and at the end. Electronic devices give off allot of energy, and this is not always what you want aimed at you immediately when you wake up, and right before retiring for the night.

Finally I will leave you with the thought that the more downtime you fit into your schedule, the more productive you will become. This may seem counter-intuitive, but give it a try. I challenge you to increase your offline, downtime, and you-time by double what it is now and see what happens.





What is a Broken Web Application and Why You Should Care?

What is a Broken Web Application and Why You Should Care?


Did you know that your web-site maybe a sitting duck for Internet Hackers?

I have found that many small to mid-size organizations tend to setup a web-site with the idea of “driving traffic to their sites.” Of course this is obvious, but the sad fact is these same small to mid-size organizations put almost no thought into building a fortress of protection around their sites to slow down and try to stop malicious hackers who seek to do you, and your organization damage. Security is not even on their radar, but it needs to be!

A simple example of the damage which is possible is the hypothetical situation where a small organization has a hosted web-site that accepts user data (user-names, passwords, and maybe other personal data.) The organization maybe using a web-developer who is well-versed in coding features then building their web-sites with secure development security models. The end result is an organization web-site might end up with poor security and end up being hacked, having the user accounts stolen and used on other web-sites (because people tend to use the same passwords everywhere.) Then once other sites realize that the hypothetical organization is the source of the problems things go from bad to ugly at the speed of the Internet.

There are steps you can take:

  • Scan you web-site regular for vulnerabilities (if you don’t know how to do it, it’s recommended to hire a professional who does)


Post information on safe browsing for users, here is a previous post which discusses it:

I look forward to answering any questions which you may have, and be safe out there!