What is a Broken Web Application and Why You Should Care?

What is a Broken Web Application and Why You Should Care?


Did you know that your web-site maybe a sitting duck for Internet Hackers?

I have found that many small to mid-size organizations tend to setup a web-site with the idea of “driving traffic to their sites.” Of course this is obvious, but the sad fact is these same small to mid-size organizations put almost no thought into building a fortress of protection around their sites to slow down and try to stop malicious hackers who seek to do you, and your organization damage. Security is not even on their radar, but it needs to be!

A simple example of the damage which is possible is the hypothetical situation where a small organization has a hosted web-site that accepts user data (user-names, passwords, and maybe other personal data.) The organization maybe using a web-developer who is well-versed in coding features then building their web-sites with secure development security models. The end result is an organization web-site might end up with poor security and end up being hacked, having the user accounts stolen and used on other web-sites (because people tend to use the same passwords everywhere.) Then once other sites realize that the hypothetical organization is the source of the problems things go from bad to ugly at the speed of the Internet.

There are steps you can take:

  • Scan you web-site regular for vulnerabilities (if you don’t know how to do it, it’s recommended to hire a professional who does)


Post information on safe browsing for users, here is a previous post which discusses it:


I look forward to answering any questions which you may have, and be safe out there!






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